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Specialty Tutoring is a nonprofit agency that has been helping children overcome learning difficulties since 1999. We strive to provide the very best specialized and affordable services available. Our learning specialists understand each child’s unique challenges, and they are trained to recognize and address the underlying reasons for these struggles. Using programs proven to be effective, we seek to turn a child’s frustration into a triumphant smile.
Our goal is to enhance a child’s ability and motivation to learn. We do this through one-on-one, interactive, and personalized tutoring. Our most important product is the child’s renewed belief in his or her ability to succeed.  We take our work very seriously and truly appreciate being a part of each child’s journey.

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What Makes us Special?

Our tutoring is always one-on-one. Each child’s learning plan is individualized and determined by that child’s specific needs. Our programs are research-based and continue to be modified as new scientific data emerges. Our learning specialists are trained to address academic skills from all angles, incorporating activities that strengthen the underlying cognitive learning skills that are necessary for all learning to take place.

This stimulating method is interactive and consists of sequenced activities designed to promote a high level of retention. We involve parents in this process by providing targeted practice to be used at home, and by building a strong communication triangle between parent, child, and learning specialist. All of this translates into the number one thing that makes us special—a child’s increased confidence and renewed attitude towards learning.

What Makes Us Special

Is Specialty Tutoring the right fit for my child?

  • Has my child always struggled in a certain area, such as math or reading?
  • Is my child starting to fall behind now that material has become more difficult?
  • Does my child lack phonetic strategies for decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling) of words?
  • Does my child become frustrated and emotional when working on reading, spelling, comprehension, math, or writing assignments?
  • Is homework time a family struggle because so much time is spent on review of previous skills?
  • Does my child lack confidence in certain skill areas that are affecting his or her overall self-esteem?
  • Has my child been diagnosed with a learning disability or condition that affects his or her ability to process and retain information in a classroom setting?
  • Does my child need constant repetition and practice of skills that can’t be provided in a group setting?
  • Has my child’s teacher indicated that outside help is needed in order to be at grade level?
  • Does my child have difficulty reasoning and/or organizing his or her thoughts in order to effectively discover and communicate an answer?
  • Does my child exhibit anxiousness, avoidance, or impulsiveness when faced with new or challenging material?
If you answered YES to any one of these questions, then Specialty Tutoring is ready to offer professional and customized help for your child. Click here for information on how to get started:

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