Specialty Tutoring is established and well-respected.

Our long-term referrals from Fort Wayne Neuropsychology, area pediatricians, and cognitive & behavioral professionals ensure that the children who need specialized services are being led to the place that is the right fit for them.  We have gained the respect of principals, teachers, school counselors and administrators in our community, as they have witnessed their students make gains though our individualized programming.

Specialty Tutoring has well over a decade of proven results in the delivery of after-school, on-site services.

From 2003 through 2012, Specialty Tutoring worked with over 1000 students at 20 Title 1 schools in five area school districts as an IDOE provider of Supplemental Educational Services. We are proud of the improvement achieved in students’ reading and math scores, as well as our consistent high ratings from the state and area school personnel.

In 2013, Specialty Tutoring began an intensive tutoring program at the Boys and Girls Club of Fort Wayne, as a partner in a 21st Century Community Learning Center, providing reading and math help to children identified as academically at-risk. This long-term collaboration remains strong and is a wonderful example of how agencies can work together to build the confidence and skills needed for children to achieve success.

Let’s pool our resources and make positive things happen for kids who struggle with learning!

Do you serve children in our community?
Could these children benefit from professional help with learning struggles which are undermining their confidence and motivation?
Does your agency have access to a space where children can learn in an accessible, safe, and structured environment?

We have a time-tested framework already in place for implementing and administering a quality program, including:

-Instructional programs geared to grade-level curriculum standards

-Pre- and post-testing to identify skill gaps and measure progress

-Trained learning specialists who know how to engage with both students and parents

-Individualized learning plans to target specific skills for each child

-Educational methods that facilitate hands-on practice

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