Specialty Tutoring is a long-term and well-respected asset to our community. 

Our referrals from pediatricians, Fort Wayne Neuropsychology, cognitive & behavioral therapists, and educational agencies ensure that the children who need specialized services are being led to the place that is the right fit for them.  We have earned the respect of principals, teachers, and school counselors as they have witnessed their students make gains though our individualized programming.

Specialty Tutoring has proven success in the delivery of after-school and in-school collaborative services.

Specialty Tutoring offers an intensive tutoring program at the Boys and Girls Club of Fort Wayne, as a partner in a 21st Century Community Learning Center since 2013, which provides free reading and math help to children attending partner schools and identified as academically at-risk. This long-term collaboration at multiple Club sites is a thriving & wonderful example of agencies working together to build confidence and academic skills for children’s success.

We also offer Title I funded tutoring as a partner with non-public schools who choose our individualized academic support for their qualifying students. This is an effective way for students eligible for this (FWCS-administrated) funding to get specialized (and free to the family) help during the school day for their learning difficulties and bring their reading & math skills up to grade-level.

From 2003 through 2012, Specialty Tutoring worked with over 1000 students at 20 area Title 1 schools at the school site as an IDOE provider of Supplemental Educational Services.  We are proud of the students’ improvements in reading and math scores, and also the high provider ratings awarded to us.

ARE YOU A CHILD-SERVING OR EDUCATIONAL AGENCY wishing to add professional academic support services to your programming? Does your agency have consistent access to free space for learning in a safe and structured environment? Can we pool our resources and make positive things happen for kids struggling with learning?

We have a time-tested framework already in place for implementing and administering a quality program, including:

-Instructional programs geared to grade-level curriculum standards

-Pre- and post-testing to identify skill gaps and measure progress

-Trained learning specialists who know how to engage with both students and parents

-Individualized learning plans to target specific skills for each child

-Interactive, engaging instruction with positive feedback to motivate effort & a love of learning

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