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We owe much to the dedicated efforts of our talented staff, who work together towards a shared goal of
providing children with the tools to achieve their true potential.
The progress witnessed on a daily basis is the result of a lot of hard work by both kids & instructors!

Leadership Team: Adrienne Rogers – Executive Director, Jeanne Widdicombe – CFO, Heather Stone – Client Services Manager, Becca Rinehart – Administrative Coordinator


Learning Specialists: Jeanne Widdicombe, Becca Rinehart, Heather Stone, Cindy Shaw, Jeanine Carpenter, Linda Haines, Lori Zajac, Lyric Botulinski, Jenn Hess, Nikki Poole, Gretchen Redemacher, Danielle Likes, Rachel Platter, Cassie Benson, Shannon Jackson, Tricia Rynders, Julie Hastings, Martha Raugh, and Rachel DiSalle


Academic Coaches: Steve Rost, Shannon Jackson

Meet the Board

Our Board members provide wisdom, professional experience, and donate their precious time and energy to our mission.
We are grateful for their support!

Tracie Luley

Tracie is a Financial Advisor for Ameriprise Financial Services, and joined the board in 2015. She shares her expertise and time with Specialty Tutoring because her family has personally experienced the lasting difference that customized tutoring can make in the life of a child.

Joe Ensley

Joe is the Application Development Manager at Broadridge Financial Solutions. He connected with Specialty Tutoring’s mission as leader of a 2015 United Way Day of Caring group. He joined the board in 2016 because of his passion for community service and desire to apply his MBA to real world situations.

Sandy Riley

As Director of Operations & Volunteer Coordinator for Entheos Audiology Cooperative, Sandy advocates for those who suffer from hearing loss, helps start non-profit hearing clinics in the U.S. and leads humanitarian hearing trips in developing countries. Her son attended Specialty Tutoring and she joined the board in 2020. Sandy also volunteers for HearCare Connection and Camp Watcha Wanna Do.

Jake Pickett

Jake is the Marketing Communications Manager at Fort Wayne Metals. He volunteers for Big Brothers Big Sisters, Project Linus, Special Olympics, and chairs the Polar Plunge event. Jake joined the board in 2022 because he believes every child, regardless of their life situation or background, should have access to a meaningful education and quality resources.

Gina Kostoff

A life-long resident of Fort Wayne, Gina earned an IPFW bachelor’s degree in political science and history and BSU master’s in speech communication. She joined the board in 2021 and is Special Projects Manager at Big Brothers Big Sisters. Gina has served on several boards throughout her career, most recently as Chairperson of the Brightpoint Board of Directors.

Karen Stockstill

Director Emeritus
Karen is one of the two founders of Specialty Tutoring. She holds a master’s in education and is a firm believer in the effectiveness of cognitive-based tutoring and making it accessible to all. She moved from Ft. Wayne in 2001 and retired from her Reading Specialist position in 2015, where she instructed & mentored at-risk teenagers in Missouri.

Then and Now…

In 1999, Karen Stockstill and Jeanne Widdicombe recognized the need for professional, affordable, 1 : 1 help for local children who struggle with learning. The two co-founders combined their education & enthusiasm, selected cognitive-based programs designed to analyze and address learning difficulties, and co-founded Specialty Tutoring as a not-for-profit corporation in 1999.
From 2001-2023, a multitude of spirited children and dedicated tutors passed through the doors of our little yellow ‘tutoring house’ on Coldwater Road.  During these years, Jeanne as Executive Director guided Specialty Tutoring through growth and challenges, prioritizing sustainability, accessibility, and responsiveness to changing educational needs.
A successful 2year capital campaign resulted in a move to a new & larger learning center in 2023!
Adrienne Rogers took on the Executive Director reigns in 2024, when Jeanne transitioned to CFO. Adrienne has been with Specialty Tutoring for 20 years, and has helped manage projects, programming, the campaign, and our community collaborations. She leads us confidently into a future of further expanding our services to the kids who need them!